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Knock em Dead Resume TemplatesKnock 'em Dead Resume Templates

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The most current advice on creating a great resume, giving you the tools and the knowledge to create a killer resume and use it effectively in your job search. The eBook takes you step-by step through the resume writing process and the package includes over 100 brand new and ready-to-use resume templates in Microsoft Word format!

For the first time ever, you get great advice, with audio enriched text, find hundreds of live links to help you with your job search and over 100 resume templates. You get the ebook in one folder and the templates in another.

Knock em Dead Job Search Letter TemplatesKnock 'em Dead Job Search Letter Templates

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The most current advice on creating superior job search letters, giving you the tools and the knowledge to create a job search campaign that creates and maintains visibility and credibility.

The eBook takes you step-by step through an effective letter writing process and the package contains 110 brand new job search letter templates in Microsoft Word format, ready to use!

Knock em Dead Secrets and Strategies"Whether your concerns are landing the job you want, choosing or changing careers, shoring up job security, climbing the professional ladder, or owning your own business, Martin Yate's Knock 'em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World (Buy / Info) is the career book of the year. Bet on yourself. Read it."

--Joyce Lain Kennedy
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The Web's Most Comprehensive eBook Package

Download three of the best books in existence about job search. Knock em Dead Resume Templates, Job Search Letter Templates, plus The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2012. Includes ready-to-go resume and letter templates, plus audio clips.

PLUS Knock em Dead Professional Communications and Breaking Into Management

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"Classic winner . . . This is one of the most valuable career books on the market."
--Los Angeles Times

Perhaps you've been laid off and are wondering where your next paycheck will come from. Or maybe you're stuck in a job you hate, one that makes no use of your talents. Either way, you're looking to make a change--and in today's uncertain climate, you need the best advice there is on how to manage your career.

For more than twenty-five years, New York Times bestselling author Martin Yate has shown the way for millions of job seekers. Now you can turn to him for a proven method to put your career on track.


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